Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wacky Wednesdays: Five Color Slivers

Today, I'm going to attempt something I've never done before: Build a five-color deck in Standard. It's insane, it's crazy, and it just so happens to be extremely possible. Except for some of the new slivers, I have all of these cards, which is why some cards are reduced to a single copy (because that is all I have). But let's consider how this can be done:

With access to Shocklands, we have dual lands available from the start. With Scrylands, we have mana and the ability to see what is coming next. We have all five colors available through the three cycles of dual lands. So we're ready to build this deck. Let's go!

Godless Shrine  Temple of Epiphany  Llanowar Wastes

Five Color Slivers


x4 Galerider Sliver
x4 Striking Sliver
x2 Diffusion Sliver
x2 Leeching Sliver
x4 Manaweft Sliver
x4 Predatory Sliver
x2 Sentinel Sliver
x4 Venom Sliver
x2 Belligerent Sliver
x2 Blur Sliver
x2 Steelform Sliver
x1 Syphon Sliver
x1 Bonescythe Sliver
x1 Sliver Hivelord

Other Spells

x3 Hive Stirrings


x3 Breeding Pool
x1 Godless Shrine
x2 Sacred Foundry
x1 Steam Vents
x2 Stomping Ground
x1 Temple Garden

x1 Temple of Epiphany
x1 Temple of Malady
x1 Temple of Plenty

x2 Llanowar Wastes
x1 Shivan Reef

x4 Mana Confluence

x1 Sliver Hive

x1 Mutavault

So starting out, there are three very important Slivers: Galerider, Striking, and Manaweft. Flying, first strike, and mana producing are the best ways to start off.

Galerider Sliver  Striking Sliver  Manaweft Sliver

The next Slivers that really matter are Venom Sliver, Predatory Sliver, and Diffusion Sliver because we want our flying, first strike slivers to also have death touch, +1/+1 and untargetable unless opponents pay two mana.

Venom Sliver  Predatory Sliver  Diffusion Sliver

Of course, all the slivers in this deck serve an important purpose, and with slivers, the deck is pretty much self explanatory. You play slivers and each sliver gives all the others their ability. This deck has haste, indestructible, lifelink, double strike, and many others.

The mana base can be played around with some given that some colors are needed more than others. Green and Red are the most important, then White, Blue, and Black in that order. Mana Confluence and Sliver Hive are five-color lands necessary for the deck, but I only have one Sliver Hive and was lucky to get a playset of Mana Confluences from a single Fat Pack and Booster Box. If I could, I'd include more Sliver Hives. Additionally, Mutavault is typically used as a land for Slivers since when activated, it becomes a Sliver with all the boosts provided by the other Slivers.

Mana Confluence  Sliver Hive  Mutavault

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