Sunday, July 6, 2014

Welcome to the Rebirth!

This week is the first week we are starting with our improved content and new schedule. I know it is Sunday, but our name has become somewhat of a brand, and normal articles will still be found on Mondays at 6 AM. Of course, we also have a new schedule to adhere to:

Sundays: Artist of the Week

1st Monday of Month: Any format

2nd Monday of Month: Modern

2nd Wednesday of Month: Wacky Wednesdays

3rd Monday of Month: Any format

4th Monday of Month: Commander/EDH

5th Monday of Month: Any format

Be sure to check back each of those days. We will be doing our best to adhere to this schedule, although spoiler weeks and set review weeks will change things, like this week, but we'll push through.

Be sure to check out the set review for White and our Artist of the Week article today, and stay tuned for the rest of the set review each day of the week.

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