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Artist of the Week: Ron Spencer

For our Artist of the Week this week, I decided to make a tie-in with the Commander Mondays article this week (which will be published tomorrow, of course).

There are two cards in particular that most people will recognize. One of which you'll find in tomorrow's article and one of them was a card designed by the Magic community just like Waste Not in M15. Both cards have been printed twice. One card is on the reserved list and its second printing was as a foil oversized card. The other card was printed in an "artifacts matter" set and then again in a core set.

Think you know the two cards? Then read on...

Crucible of Worlds  Sliver Queen

Did you guess right? Crucible of Worlds was designed by the Magic community, was printed in Fifth Dawn and again in Tenth Edition. Sliver Queen was printed in Stronghold, is on the Reserve List, and its second printing was as a foil oversized card in Commander's Arsenal.

While I don't have a Crucible of Worlds (I wish...), I am lucky enough to have a Sliver Queen in its original Stronghold printing and the oversized version from Commander's Arsenal, both of which can be found in my Sliver EDH deck, which (spoilers) will show up tomorrow with any luck.

So, Ron's art first in Alpha on the card Terror.


After Terror showed up in Beta, Unlimited, and Revised, his art picked up and many cards could be found in The Dark. While there were several cards, here are a few:

Marsh Viper  Savaen Elves  Water Wurm

Of course, there were many more cards printed, and many of them were before my time as a player, so I don't know which ones were the coolest or the best, so let's cover a few cards.

Aura Shards  Ă†ther Mutation  Last Stand

All of these cards are really powerful, but I'm not too familiar with them, I do know that Last Stand and Aura Shards are both really powerful and Aether Mutation seems powerful too.

The Hive  Hornet  Hornet Cannon

I figured I wanted to cover the various hornet/wasp creatures around out there. One of them is a token and one creates the token, but they all look pretty cool.

Sungrass Prairie

I've always been a sucker for white/green dual lands. No idea why, but this is the first incarnation of filter lands. The lands in Shadowmoor and Eventide instead required one of the color and could make one of three combinations of two mana, but this takes any kind and makes white and green. The art reminds me of something you might see on a pirate's treasure map, but that might just be me...

Trokin High Guard

My first cards came from Portal Second Age, and I later found out that only a few cards depict modern technology (like a gun) and this is one of them. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

To view these cards and all the other ones he illustrated, click here.

About time for the wallpaper, no?

You can find Ron on his Website. You can find more of Monday Morning MTG on Twitter and Facebook.

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