Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Fact Fridays: Holiday Promos

Starting in 2006, Wizards of the Coast introduced a series of silver-bordered foil cards given to staff and business partners. Each year's card is different and is and all of them are valuable and relatively expensive. By that, I mean above $60 each or more.

Fruitcake Elemental

2006 - Fruitcake Elemental

Fruitcake Elemental

2007 - Gifts Given

Gifts Given

Gifts Given is named after the card Gifts Ungiven.

2008 - Evil Presents

Evil Presents

2009 - Season's Beatings

Season's Beatings

2010 - Snow Mercy

Snow Mercy

Snow Mercy is named after the card No Mercy.

2011 - Yule Ooze

2012 - Naughty // Nice

Naughty // Nice

Naughty//Nice is based on the many split cards from Magic's history.

2013 - Stocking Tiger

Stocking Tiger is named after Stalking Tiger.

We will find out the 2014 card sometime in December of this year as per usual.

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