Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Tribal Decks

During this time when we have eight sets in Standard, there are several tribal decks available, one of which that intrigues me is Centaurs, Minotaurs, and also Soldiers. Most of them are more casual, but all of them are Standard legal for at least one more month.

White/Green Centaurs


x4 Swordwise Centaur
x4 Centaur Healer
x2 Courser of Kruphix
x2 Nylea's Disciple
x2 Pheres-Band Tromper
x4 Pheres-Band Warchief
x4 Scab-Clan Charger


x4 Temple Garden
x4 Temple of Plenty
x2 Evolving Wilds
x2 Plains
x10 Forest

Other Spells

x4 Call of the Conclave
x4 Selesnya Charm
x3 Reap What Is Sown
x2 Alive/Well
x2 Fated Intervention
x1 Collective Blessing

Call of the Conclave  Fated Intervention  Pheres-Band Warchief

The card that inspired me for this deck was Pheres-Band Warchief because it boosts all the other centaurs, including centaur tokens. Most centaurs are around three mana, but both Swordwise Centaur and Call of the Conclave can still be played on turn two.

Black/Red Minotaurs


x4 Gnarled Scarhide
x4 Felhide Brawler
x2 Boros Reckoner
x4 Felhide Petrifier
x4 Kragma Butcher
x4 Rageblood Shaman
x4 Ragemonger
x4 Minotaur Skullcleaver
x1 Oracle of Bones
x2 Kragma Warcaller


x4 Blood Crypt
x4 Temple of Malice
x2 Evolving Wilds
x2 Swamp
x8 Mountain

Other Spells

x4 Lightning Strike
x3 Flurry of Horns

Boros Reckoner  Kragma Warcaller  Ragemonger

With all the minotaur creatures that boost each other, it's hard to not make a minotaur deck. Most of them are found in Theros Block anyway, but Blood Crypt and Boros Reckoner are both in Return to Ravnica.

Naya Soldiers


x3 Boros Elite
x3 Legion Loyalist
x3 Soldier of the Pantheon
x3 Fencing Ace
x3 Fabled Hero
x3 Loxodon Smiter
x4 Preeminent Captain
x2 Paragon of New Dawns
x2 Spark Trooper
x2 Tajic, Blade of the Legion


x4 Sacred Foundry
x4 Temple Garden
x2 Temple of Triumph
x2 Temple of Plenty
x4 Mana Confluence
x2 Evolving Wilds
x2 Plains
x1 Mountain
x1 Forest


x2 Spear of Heliod

Other Spells

x4 Lightning Strike
x4 Common Bond

Loxodon Smiter  Preeminent Captain  Tajic, Blade of the Legion

I looked through all the Soldiers in Standard, and I came up with this deck. While it could be all white, or a combination of White and Red, but there were a couple green cards to include such as Loxodon Smiter and Common Bond. With many of the soldier creatures having Heroic, I needed something to trigger it, and the easiest way is to use spells like Common Bond, which is why I included green with white and red.

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