Sunday, September 7, 2014

Artist of the Week: Brad Rigney

Continuing Commander Month here on Monday Morning MTG, we're continuing the theme of featuring artists who have created art for cards exclusive to Commander products.

Nin, the Pain Artist

Brad's first art was in New Phyrexia with six cards!

Apostle's Blessing  Numbing Dose  Vault Skirge
Tormentor Exarch  Urabrask the Hidden  Soul Conduit

Following New Phyreixa and Nin, the Pain Artist from Commander 2011, there were two cards from M12 and one from From the Vault: Legends.

Furyborn Hellkite  Quicksilver Amulet  Visara the Dreadful

There was no art from Brad in Innistrad Block, but it showed up again in Planechase 2012, M13, and in From the Vault: Realms.

Armored Griffin  Dark Hatchling
Fungal Sprouting  Dryad Arbor

There was also no art from Brad in the Return to Ravnica block and M14, but we got new art in Theros Block, Commander 2013, and M15.

Hundred-Handed One  Cutthroat Maneuver  Crystalline Nautilus
Fell Shepherd  Act on Impulse

For this weeks wallpaper, I present to you the Chandra promotional art for M14:

*NOTE: Gatherer went down during the middle of this article, so we had to go with for our card images.

We can't find Brad's website or social media pages, but here's his Deviant Art page. You can find more of Monday Morning MTG on Twitter and Facebook.

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