Monday, December 8, 2014

Modern Monday: Announcing Modern Masters 2015

On May 22nd of next year, we'll have the second Modern Masters set released with 249 cards, thirty more than last time. Of course, MSRP went up to $9.99 from $6.99 last time, and a lot of people are understandable upset about that. Booster boxes now have an MSRP of $240 versus $168 from last time. I got mine for about $123 each in 2013, so I'm not too worried about price, just as long as I can grab them for $200. I'll figure something out. Anyway, we have some speculating to do!

One confirmed card so far, is #3 from the spoiler list: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. The only modern cards that can fit earlier than Emrakul are...

All Is Dust  Artisan of Kozilek  Eldrazi Conscription

So, that's three of four cards already.

Now, last time we had Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Sarkhan Vol as planeswalkers in the set, and I'd like to see these two:

Karn Liberated  Liliana of the Veil

Of course, a few others could be good, especially since Liliana is a Grand Prix promo

Ajani Vengeant  Tezzeret the Seeker  Sorin Markov

Other possible spells we may have and/or need:

Serum Visions  Birthing Pod  Goblin Guide
Noble Hierarch  Spellskite  Splinter Twin
Aven Mindcensor  Slippery Bogle  Daybreak Coronet

Serum Visions needs a reprint and then Birthing Pod is a popular deck along with Splinter Twin. Noble Hierarch badly needs a reprint based on price and availability, Spellskite is a more recent staple and is used in TRON decks and a couple other decks. Goblin Guide is important for red burn decks, Aven Mindcensor is a card for midrange decks, and Slippery Bogle and Daybreak Coronet represent the enchantments deck archetype.

I also believe we will see these again:

Urza's Mine  Urza's Power Plant  Urza's Tower

One more thing...

Etched Champion

Yep. Thought that looked familiar.

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