Monday, December 29, 2014

Ugin and the Non-Basic Lands

To start off the beginning of Spoiler Week, let's start off with our presents from Christmas brought to us by the Mothership.

So Ugin has Ghostfire (the flavorful spell of colorless fire that is Ugin's signature and is what was used by Chandra to unlock the Eye of Ugin with the presence of two other planeswalker sparks), color hate, and the opposite of Nicol Bolas' ultimate.

Ghostfire  Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Of course, that's just Ugin. We also get the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands in place of basic lands. Same art, same KTK set symbol. Of course, we can't have fetchlands in all the packs, but maybe if they did something like in Dragon's Maze... So we get reprints with new art and the Fate Reforged set symbol of... the "Life Lands" or "Refuge Cycle" or whatever the kids call it these days,

So, since I kind of want to see the two versions side by side, chances are someone else does too.

Bloodfell Caves   
Blossoming Sands   
Dismal Backwater   
Jungle Hollow   
Rugged Highlands   
Scoured Barrens   
Swiftwater Cliffs   
Thornwood Falls   
Tranquil Cove   
Wind-Scarred Crag   

So there you go... Present day versus either the past or the alternate future.

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