Monday, March 2, 2015

A turn in popularity

Hello fellow bloggers, Shawn here and I wanted to talk about the recent surge in popularity in modern over standard. I am pretty sure a lot of new comers that start playing will want to get use any and every card they get their hands on to. Well standard only has a couple sets in it and it is ever changing, so most beginners become attracted toward the older formats that have more variety. At our little store in town Red Battle Games LLC., the last turnout for us at FNM for modern night was approx. 24 players, which is almost a full house. It is a great site to see new players come in and have fun. Our last standard FNM, only 10 of us players showed, which is barely enough to even play. I don't know if it is me just noticing it, but a lot of players love modern more than any other format. Least besides legacy and commander. I believe this is primarily because of the vast variety of cards that they have at their disposal. Along with that, since they have more cards to choose from, the prices for cards is also lower for the vast majority of those cards, "well besides the normal fetch and dual lands, tarmogoyf, and etc." But it is a perfect array for those budget players who don't have the hundreds of dollars to spend on cards every month. Even a budget of 100$ a month is doable in modern, depending on what your building of course. Also a rise in popularity is of course the most budget deck we all know can be made by new players sometimes, MONO RED BURN. It is the bane of most metagames existence, but be that as it may, any player can spend 100$ and build a respectful deck to be competitive. Well this is it for me on my blog, please fellow readers tell me what you think of this switch. Personally I like it.

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