Monday, March 16, 2015

Predicting the Future: Modern Masters 2015

We've got about two months until Modern Masters 2015 comes out, and we already know three cards and have a strong guess at a fourth, plus possible other cards available to us that fit the numbering.


So far, we have Emrakul, Karn Liberated, and Tarmogoyf. Because Emrakul is #3, we can have two of three of these cards:

All Is Dust  Artisan of Kozilek  Eldrazi Conscription

I'm willing to guess it will be All is Dust and Artisan of Kozilek. Eldrazi Conscription, while powerful, could warp a draft. Artisan of Kozilek is harder to cast, and All is Dust would be harder to pull from a booster pack since it's mythic rare. Unless Eldrazi Conscription goes up to mythic rare, I don't see it being printed this time.

Etched Champion

It looks alike, so we'll probably get Etched Champion, which means Metalcraft is a possible mechanic, which means we'll see some more affinity cards, probably like Cranial Plating, Mox Opal, and maybe Galvanic Blast (got to have some burn...)

Cranial Plating  Mox Opal  Galvanic Blast

I personally am hoping we get to see some cards from Bogles decks like Slippery Bogle, Daybreak Coronet, and maybe even Leyline of Sanctity.

Slippery Bogle  Daybreak Coronet  Leyline of Sanctity

I'm also expecting some Modern staples to show up like Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile.

Lightning Bolt  Path to Exile

I'm also expecting to see some important cards for Modern decks like Scapeshift, Splinter Twin, and Living End.

Scapeshift  Splinter Twin  Living End

Of course, other cards from these decks like Fulminator Mage, Spellskite, and Serum Visions will probably also show up.

Fulminator Mage  Spellskite  Serum Visions

But what I really think we'll be seeing and I really hope for are the pieces to TRON decks, or at least the lands (although Oblivion Stone sounds good...)

Urza's Mine  Urza's Power Plant  Urza's Tower

If they do get printed, they'd need to be at common to better assemble the pieces, and there is synergy with Scapeshift and casting some Eldrazi spells. There are about twenty more cards than last time, so we could see several more things we weren't expecting to, but anything is fair game since Tarmogoyf is getting reprinted and it was here last time.

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