Monday, March 16, 2015

Seven Rack Pox

Hello everyone, Shawn here again. I have today a deck that has been modified from an older deck. I played against it this past Friday and it was very synergistic. It was very quick to pick apart my hand and just leave me with nothing but a land and ten fingers.

Johnathon Byrd's Seven Rack Pox


x4 Mutavault
x15 Swamp


x4 The Rack


x4 Liliana of the Veil

Other Spells

x3 Dismember
x3 Victim of the Night
x3 Inquisition of Kozilek
x4 Raven's Crime
x3 Smallpox
x4 Wrench Mind
x4 Thoughseize
x4 Shrieking Affliction
x3 Waste Not


x1 Inquisition of Kozilek
x1 Duress
x1 Damnation
x2 Drown in Sorrow
x1 Dragon's Claw
x2 Ratchet Bomb
x2 Shadow of Doubt
x1 Deathmark
x1 Leyline of the Void
x2 Surgical Extraction
x1 Nihil Spellbomb

So Game 1 did not last long. He played The Rack, and I was just getting pinged away. After a while, he played Shrieking Affliction and I was just dying a slow painful death. Game 2, same thing, just even faster. Two racks and one affliction, just a loss from the start. The deck is primarily based on the card, The Rack. The deck was based off of another deck found online and was just tempered to be for our meta in our card shop, Red Battle Games LLC. The deck runs a plethora of discard spells to feed their win condition.

If you are a deck based on having a full hand of answers or power, then you are basically going to go to Game 2 after sideboard. You have to kill them quickly and be able to keep your life up enough to last the long run. If you get a creature to stick, then you must be able to take down his life before he can take you out. Creature base is none, because Mutavault is primarily the only creature. So all of the damage comes from other spells that are within the deck. So if you are playing with a deck like this one, then you will have to keep watch on your opponent’s hand and make sure if he has low enough cards or has none, so that way you can let your spells do their job. Your deck is built to primarily go against any archetype of deck.

Your sideboard however, can be built for however your metagame is at your shop. The deck has some very good potential to be a Tier 1 deck at your local shop. For Grand Prix and Pro Tour tournaments, you will most likely have to fiddle with it depending on how most players there will play along with some serious play testing against a variety of decks in Modern. Please tell me how you all think of this deck and how you would play it or take it for a spin yourself. Tell me your ideas and maybe I will do them. Leave a comment below and thank you for reading.

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