Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wacky Wednesdays: Kobolds, Ornithopters, and Phyrexians (Oh my!)

Greetings once more, my friends! What do kobolds, ornithopters, and phyrexian walkers all have in common?

They all have a converted mana cost of 0, of course!  Today I am going to exploit that to create a wacky, potentially explosive Legacy deck.

Kobolds, Ornithopters, and Phyrexians (Oh my!)


x4 Crookshank Kobolds
x4 Crimson Kobolds
x4 Kobolds of Kher Keep
x4 Memnite
x4 Ornithopter
x4 Phyrexian Walker


x4 Gaea's Cradle
x4 Tropical Island
x2 Breeding Pool
x4 Windswept Heath


x4 Lotus Petal

Other Spells

x4 Beck // Call
x3 Beastmaster Ascension
x4 Brainstorm
x1 Concordant Crossroads
x4 Glimpse of Nature
x2 Noxious Revival

So how does this deck go about killing its opponent?  Well, the other aspect that Kobolds, Ornithopters, and Phyrexians all share is their ability to slaughter someone when they all have +5/+5, and that is exactly what Beastmaster Ascension grants your creatures after 7 of them have attacked.

Beastmaster Ascension

Seven attacking creatures is a lot though.  Even them all costing 0 mana, it could take anywhere from 4-6 turns to assemble an army of that size.  This is where Glimpse of Nature and the Beck half of Beck // Call come in.  Once cast, these spells allow you to draw a card every time you drop a creature.  This lets every creature you play replace itself.  If you have cast two, then each creature you play draws you two cards, and so on.

Glimpse of Nature  Beck // Call

This can lead to some extremely explosive games where you have 10+ creatures on board on turn one or two.  A side effect of drawing so many cards is you usually end up with a Beastmaster Ascension in hand when the smoke settles and either a Gaea's Cradle or enough lands/Lotus Petals to cast the it on the next turn and swing for massive amounts of damage.  If you drew the single Concordant Crossroads and an extra Lotus Petal, you could even attack and kill on the turn you went off.

Gaea's Cradle  Lotus Petal  Concordant Crossroads

While it may look strange, Noxious Revival plays the role of helping the consistency of the deck a bit.  If you have it and a Glimpse of Nature along with a few creatures, you can cast the glimpse, put it back on top of you deck with Noxious Revival, and draw it with the first creature you cast.  This lets you cast it again and get two cards for each creature thereafter. It can also return to you a fetchland if you are short on mana or need to shuffle your library after a bad Brainstorm.

Noxious Revival  Brainstorm

That is it for this month.  Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think of the deck in the comments below.

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