Monday, June 15, 2015

Modern Masters 2015: My Pack, Your Pick #1

Ever played "My Pack, Your Pick?" If not, here is how it's played:

You look at every card in my booster pack. We're opening Modern Masters 2015. So you look at all the cards, and you name your top three picks if you were drafting this pack. What has potential? Are you drafting for money? That's what you're here to answer. Go ahead and watch the video. It explains the rules too. I think... It's been a while since I filmed it. Below the video are all the cards (if you don't care to watch the video, of course).

Tribal Flames  Nameless Inversion  Instill Infection
Vapor Snag  Terashi's Grasp  Scuttling Death
Commune with Nature  Inner-Flame Igniter  Sign in Blood
Flayer Husk  Flashfreeze  Mulldrifter
Agony Warp  Guile  Rusted Relic

So, which do you pick? Post in the comments below. Also, did you like having the video, or would you rather just have the cards listed here?

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