Monday, June 8, 2015

The Mage of Vryn

Last week, the Mothership released the five planeswalkers we'll get to see in Magic Origins this summer. The list is nothing new. We'll see Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa, all of whom have participated in at least one core set. What we got this time was a list of what their home plane is and where they first planeswalked. The list has been reproduced below:

PlaneswalkerHome PlaneFirst Visited
Gideon Jura
Bant (Alara)
Jace Beleren
Liliana Vess
Chandra Nalaar
Nissa Revane

So why did I bring you here today? Well, none of us know Jace's history, not even him... but what we do know is something about Vryn. That's why you are here, I think...

Trail of the Mage-Rings

Vryn seems like an interesting place. I personally want to know more about the Mage-Rings, but based on Planechase 2012, we know Rebound is a keyword. Know where else it is? Tarkir. Even Narset has it!

Narset Transcendent

Rebound is also found on Zendikar!

Staggershock  Cast Through Time

As you can see, Rebound on a plane where the greatest mage of mental magic was born tells a lot about where Jace comes from. It also blends Dragons of Tarkir, Magic Origins, and Battle for Zendikar together.

Hm... perhaps there is a better ending to the article. Well, since Jace left Vryn and came to Ravnica, I guess I might as well share those plane cards with you...


Izzet Steam Maze

Undercity Reaches

Grand Ossuary

Kilnspire District



Selesnya Loft Gardens

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